Balcassa Instructions

The object of Balcassa is to get the game cubes into their correct positions.

To move the cubes around, first decide on the cube you wish to move, and then roll it into the empty position by swiping the screen with your finger in the direction in which you wish the cube to move. There will only ever be one cube that can move in the direction you indicate so don't worry about having to be too precise.

The faces of the cubes have to be in pre-defined positions in order for the game to be complete. In some games it may be enough to get a cube into the correct position, while in others both the cube's position and rotation must be correct.

In all the games the lower right-hand corner needs to be empty before the game is complete.

Balcassa can be played with different goals; some easy, some far from easy. Different games may be selected by touching the Choose Game button at the top of the Options page. Once you have selected a game, touch the Done button in the top left of the screen to start playing.

Touching the Objective button in the top left of the Game screen will bring up a page with an explanation of the goal for the current game. We recommend that you start with the simple games until you get the hang of it.

If you exit Balcassa, your current game will be stored. However, selecting a different game will discard the current one.

Happy cubing!

And if you want to get in touch or just keep up to date with what's going on at Balcassa HQ just follow
@balcassa on Twitter.
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